PHP/MySQL Database Sitemaps Module

Here we have an extremely powerful sitemaps module which will create not only full sitemaps for your posts but will also create sitemap indexes for submission to Google and other search engines.

NEW: now creates sitemaps for your members too...

Below is a screenshot of the sitemaps index page

Sitemaps are an absolute must have for any website which has many links and media sharing sites need sitemaps, you cannot use a crawler sitemap creator online as these will not crawl your website past page 1 normally due to scripts using ajax pagination methods.

We will grow this module as the script takes on new features like categories and tags....

This is the best way to get sitemaps using your sql database to pull the freshest data direct.

1000 pages are indexed then another XML file is created dynamically to keep your URL's under the max amounts allowed by Google and other search engines.

Price $10.00

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